Cheer Up A Tired Bathroom

The bathroom is a room that’s often neglected. It’s not always easy to make this space pretty and it can be tricky when bathrooms often have little to no natural light. Our bathroom is pretty tiny and, come to think of it, the word ‘bathroom’ seems a little lavish when there’s only room for a shower inside! It’s always been the last place I think to beautify in our home but lately I’ve been wanting to give it a little more attention.

With the help of some gorgeous, handpicked accessories from Habitat and a statement print, a few simple touches can make a world of difference to a bathroom. Pampering is but a few styling tips away!

Make the most of surfaces!

Make the most of whatever surfaces you have, whether that’s a window ledge, shelves, a toilet back or a cabinet top. Use these exposed areas for pretty home touches like vases, ornaments and candles. Store ugly cleaning products, spare toilet rolls and toiletries out of sight. If you don’t have any built-in storage then get hold of set of drawers with a small footprint or some storage baskets to hide away the items that no one needs to see on a daily basis. By doing this, you give your bathroom a personality making it a far more enjoyable place to spend time.

Fleur Habitat wooden furniture

Bathroom’s need art too

I think we more naturally think of hanging a painting or print in the living room, bedroom or hallway than the bathroom but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy it in there too. Admittedly you may need to be careful with the effect condensation may have on a canvas, for example, but choose a framed print instead to avoid any issues. If you don’t have a means of hanging a picture (our bathroom is entirely tiled) use a ledge to prop the piece up on. This makes for a slightly more informal vibe. Pick a favourite print and find yourself a corresponding black frame to show off the artwork at its most striking.

Black and white and red wall art

Bring life into the space (fake it)

As I said many people don’t have any natural light in their bathroom as they’re left with an extractor fan in place of a window or often bathroom windows are small and the frosted glass makes it feel claustrophobic .These conditions are by no means ideal for growing plants and whilst I don’t have that excuse, with our huge window and abundance of perfectly diffused natural light, I still can’t seem to keep plants alive. As you can see in my before bathroom shots, there’s one particularly sad looking green friend that lasted all of a month. Why not solve these woes and breathe life into your bathroom with some artificial plants. Forget low maintenance and think ‘no maintenance’ instead. I used this lovely Floreo Orchid Stem in the Abaya Grey and White Ceramic Vase and some grasses nestled in the Trina Black and White Patterned Ceramic Vase. They really freshen up the space and fake the greenery you’ve been longing for.

black and white bathroom accessories

Accent colours

A lot of the accessories I chose are quite neutral or monochrome which I think helps to give the style longevity, makes for clean and fresh styling (essential in a bathroom) and means it’s easy to swap pieces in and out when you get bored. I did however introduce some blush pink Spa towels which lifts the whole look. The pale colour choice also makes the bathroom feel a bit bigger in comparison to the deep purple towels that were there before, which were rather overpowering. The blue ceramic mug also adds a small pop of colour in this mainly muted room.

Blush pink towels

An eclectic mix

Mixing up different styles and textures can often make for a much more interesting interior, so don’t stick to matching all the elements. It’s very easy to walk into the bathroom section of a shop and pick up the a full set of goods; the matching toilet brush, towels, soap dish and rinse cup but try a mix instead. I used the clean and minimal Lexie Soap Dispenser and Toilet Brush but paired these with the more relaxed and handcrafted look of the ceramics. I even decided against a typical toothbrush holder, opting instead for the Olmo Speckled Mug from the dining section of Habitat which adds a little, homey quirk. The Jadon Cork Lid Storage was also from the kitchen section and a great way to keep odds and ends organised whilst making them part of the overall look. The Mesh Wooden Bath Mat is yet another look and feel but works well with the ceramics. May I also add it’s so much more practical than our old towel bath mat which got soggy very easily and ended up looking a bit sad and damp most of the time.

White bathroom accessories from Habitat

It’s amazing what just a little love and attention can do. Be inspired to think again about your bathroom, giving it a new lease of life in the simplest way possible.

Teri Muncey is a London based designer, illustrator, stylist and crafter. A print and pattern designer by trade, she started her blog, The Lovely Drawer, in 2012. She loves colour, has a crazy fascination with glassware, enjoys photographing food more than people and spends an unhealthy amount of time daydreaming about her next DIY project or ten.

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