Home Office Ideas For Every Space

Find yourself working from home a couple of days a week? Kid’s homework just ramped up a gear? House admin taking on a life of its own? Answered yes to one of these? Then you’re in need a stylish home office.

We all like the idea of working from a laptop in our local artisan cafe or filing that report from the sofa/bed/bath but, in practical terms, a designated work space can make you much more productive. Whether you’ve got the pick of a spare bedroom, or find yourself relegated to a nook in the corner of your dining room, we’ve got everything to get you organised.


First things first, you want to choose a desk that’s suitable for you space. If you’ve got plenty of space or have the luxury of having a whole room for your office, opt for a stylish desk that combines good looks with plenty of storage. However, if you’re short on space, a corner desk is a great space saving solution that can tuck away in those awkward corners whilst giving you plenty of desk space for your laptop and paperwork. Desk in your bedroom? Opt for a stylish design that doubles up as a make up table too.

Wooden corner desk with metal frame and blue velvet chair



A comfortable chair is a must if your want to stay motivated, pair this with a desk chair on wheels and you will be whizzing around the environs of your workspace all day. If dual purpose is a key issue due to lack of space, select a style that can work as a desk chair by day and a dining chair by night.

Wooden desk with red metal legs and matching chair


Paperwork can take on a life of its own so good office storage is a must. Establish your filing system as soon as you set up your home office to avoid it invading every surface. Office accessories such as box files, upright filing boxes, in-trays and a decent waste paper bin will help you keep on top of things. This rather sensible mission objective doesn’t have to mean boring though.

Wooden desk with black chair

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