Home Office Ideas For Every Space

Habitat home office with green accessories


Find yourself working from home a couple of days a week? Kid’s homework just ramped up a gear? House admin taking on a life of its own? You, my dear friend, are in need of a home office. We all like the idea of working from a laptop in our local artisan cafe or filing that report from the sofa/bed/bath but, in practical terms, a designated work space can make you much more productive. Whether you’ve got the pick of a spare bedroom, or find yourself relegated to a nook in the corner of your dining room, we’ve got everything to get you organised.



If you’ve got the room to make a feature of your workspace then we love the Roscoe desk. Crafted from oak with a feminine criss-cross leg design, it even has space for two slimline drawers to keep all that unsightly paperwork far from view.

If you’re strapped for space, Cato is your knight in shiny white armour. Only 75cm wide but with everything you need (including a storage shelf and holes to keep cables tidy) it’ll fit in the smallest alcove, hallway or even in a nook under the stairs.


White wooden office desk


Heath is the master of disguise. If your space has to work hard to combine two rooms into one, then a dining table that folds cleverly to become a desk is your superstar small space solution.



A comfortable chair is a must if your want to stay motivated, pair this with a desk chair on wheels and you will be whizzing around the environs of your workspace all day. Ginnie and Sevilla are good choice here, both offering cushion support and ultimate manoeuvrability.

Grey Upholstered Office Chair



If dual purpose is a key issue due to lack of space, select a style that can work as a desk chair by day and a dining chair by night. Jerry’s cushioned seat and clean lines will do the job for both tasks.



Paperwork can take on a life of its own so good office storage is a must. Establish your filing system as soon as you set up your home office to avoid it invading every surface. Office accessories such as box files, upright filing boxes, in-trays and a decent waste paper bin will help you keep on top of things. This rather sensible mission objective doesn’t have to mean boring though.


Gold mesh office accessories


Macula makes a huge statement in perforated gold metal. We also love Palaset – an almost invisible perspex range for the minimalist. Garner has a more traditional vibe allowing you to hide your paperwork within enclosed boxes, proving you can always trust a classic design to do the job well.

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