Clothes Airers

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Dry your clothes effortlessly with our selection of clothes airers. We have various options available, including foldable models for small spaces and expandable racks for larger loads. Whether you have limited room or it’s pouring outside, our clothes airers will provide a space-saving solution to tackle your laundry with ease.

If you have a large family, look no further than our range of Minky clothes airers. Adjustable and efficient, they can help you air out up to 4 wash loads at once. When the chill sets in, just nudge your drying rack closer to the radiator. Or hang your clothes out to dry on a heated clothes airer. Whatever the weather, they're a sure-fire way to get your threads smelling as fresh as a daisy while keeping damp and lingering odours at bay.

When the sun decides to come out, it's prime time for the outdoor washing lines. They’ll be your portable clothesline that adapts to the good old British weather. Try one of our nifty rotary lines–they’re a breeze to use, adjustable in height and perfect for those sunny day laundry sessions. Once the threads are all nice and dry, pop them on a clothes rail. We have a stylish selection available that’ll have your wardrobe looking like a chic boutique display.

Keen on a bit of a laundry shake-up? A shiny new laundry basket might just do the trick. It's not only perfect for keeping the washing in check, but also adds a bit of pizzazz to your utility space.