Cake Stands

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Present desserts elegantly with our cake stands. Whether it’s a Victoria sponge on a vintage wooden stand or cupcakes on a chic glass one, we're on it. Our timeless classic white stands suit any dessert. Planning a big bash? Our 3-tier servers are spot on. For that bakery feel or to keep your cake spotless, choose a stand with a glass dome.

Our bakeware selection is a baker's delight. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, we've got everything from powerful blenders to whisks, and mixing bowls to whip up scrumptious treats.

And when it comes to Sunday feasts, our roasting tins are a standout. They're perfect for creating that magnificent roast, so every meal is a celebration of flavours whilst making cooking both easy and enjoyable.

Switching to teatime, let's talk about teapots. Whether you prefer a classic look or something contemporary, our range suits various styles. Ideal for a rejuvenating morning tea or relaxing evening brew, make these teapots part of your cherished tea rituals.

Complete the set with our mugs. Crafted from quality stoneware, our collection makes your tea experience stylish and satisfying. 

When it’s time to serve, our plate sets come in a wide array of styles. From bold stoneware plates to china and glass for a touch of luxe, find everything to take mealtime to the next level.

Before you start setting the plates, make sure your dining area is in order. Go for a glass dining table for that sleek, contemporary feel. Or, if you want something chic, a Scandi dining table might be your best bet. Its wooden accents and soft tones are sure to make it a charming addition.

Venture into the kitchen and discover kitchen utensils. From effortlessly flipping pancakes to stirring delicious stews, we’ve got you covered.