Bathroom mirrors

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When kitting out the bathroom in full, don’t forget about the bathroom mirror. It has a sneaky way of getting slipped out from your shopping list. If you’re confused about what type of mirror is best for your bathroom, we’re here to help. A mirror with lights is very on-trend and complements almost every decor style. It’s sure to add a touch of glam to your everyday routine. 
Remember, a simple but striking mirror is all you need to add finishing touches to your bathroom interiors. Whether you choose an industrial style metal framed mirror or have your heart set on an elegant frameless mirror, ensure you have the perfect bathroom lighting to make your new bathroom mirror pop. 
Browse our exclusive range of bathroom mirrors to find the perfect design for your bathroom. Round or rectangular, there’s something in store to suit every style. But before you go ahead and buy a vanity mirror, consider the rest of your bathroom interior decor too. For instance, a gold framed mirror is a timeless and classic piece, but it won’t work so well if you have cool-toned silver taps in your bathroom. 
When it comes to storage, bathroom cabinets are the ideal place to store cosmetics and toiletries – keeping them out of sight for a tidy, clutter-free look. However, there are some items you might want out on display like, your favourite scented candle or your luxurious skin care essentials. Bathroom shelves are the perfect solution. 
Your bathroom is not quite complete without both – a mirror and a shelf. And a clever way to make your bathroom look stylish whilst keeping it super functional is to pop in a bathroom mirror with shelves. There’s nothing not to love about mirrors that come with extra storage. Always a win-win! 
Why not check out our storage towers too? Tall and slim, these are great for making the most of the space you have available in your bathroom. Perfect to tuck away towels, extra loo rolls and other everyday bathroom accessories neatly in spacious, concealed sections.