Electric Diffusers

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Kick back with the soothing aromas of our electric diffusers. Just flick the switch and sit back as a gentle fragrance fills your home. Whether you’re after a minimalist model that blends in with your decor or want one that comes with a built-in night light, we’ve got lots of options to choose from.

Fill them up with water and the scent of your choice and you’ll be good to go. And if you want to add a bit of moisture to your space, go for a model that doubles as a humidifier to prevent dryness. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, check out our collection of reed diffusers. From sleek glass and metal to charming ceramics, we’ve got a wide range of styles to choose from. Or if you want something fast and quick, grab some room spray to freshen up your space in a flash.

Set the mood and make your space more welcoming with our collection of candles. Put up some scented candles to add a warm glow to your home. Whether you fancy floral notes or want the rich tones of oak or sandalwood, there’s a fragrance for every space. Pair them with our candle holders for a striking display. Add one of our lantern style candle holders on your patio for a vintage vibe, or add a classy touch to mealtimes and add a glass holder and candle to your dining table, the choice is yours.