Reed Diffusers

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It’s often overlooked, but the scent can play a big part in evoking a particular feel in any room. Want a cosy atmosphere in your living room? Warm scents like vanilla and amber will work perfectly. Meanwhile, if you’re after an airy, fresh feeling in your bedroom then lighter scents will do the trick. Either way, reed diffusers are a stylish way to keep your living space smelling pleasant and welcoming.

Top up your favourite diffuser with a diffuser refill. Whether you prefer the aromatic smell of Amberwood and musk or love the spicy notes of bergamot, we’ve got it all. They’re brilliant to create a spirited ambience that adds a breath of fresh air to your home. 

Check out candles to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in your home, which can often be just what you need to unwind after a long day. Whether you use a room spray or diffuser, fragrance can influence how a room feels. Consider whether you want a comforting vibe or a fresh and uplifting feeling. Put your candles on a coffee table and fill your home with fragrance. 

Nothing beats sitting down on your sofa to chill out and de-stress, but you can take your relaxation levels up a notch with a footstool. Be sure to browse our range of cushions as well; these are a great way to add a touch of personal style and some colour to your sofa.