Curtains and Blinds

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Check out our range of curtains and blinds. Whether you need to give your space a fresh look or just want a bit of privacy, we've got you covered with everything from stylish eyelet curtains to nifty roman blinds and so much more.

Spruce up your space with our patterned blinds. You'll find everything from bamboo rollers to glossy whites, all jazzed up with fun designs, colours and materials. And if light's a bother, our blackout options are just the ticket for a peaceful kip. For a more functional piece, have a look at our roller blinds. Our collection includes bamboo roller blinds for a warm touch and fabric options for a softer feel. They come in various designs, colours and materials, suitable for any room, be it minimalistic or rustic.

Our roman blinds are a stylish and versatile pick. Available in cool prints, vibrant colours and fine fabrics, these blinds can really switch up the feel of a room. Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, they’re easy to use and maintain. And if you’re looking to keep light out, our blackout curtains are spot-on for those who prefer their rooms pitch-black and private. Ideal for day sleepers or keeping your furniture out of the sun's way, our range combines functionality with style.

Adding a calming touch to your space with our sleek pencil pleat curtains. Easy to hang, they create those soft folds for a serene ambience. Whether you're after fully lined or classic check designs, these curtains give your space a fresh, subtle look that’s just peachy. For comfy living all year round, our thermal curtains are the real deal. With a clever thermal lining they are a must-have for keeping your digs comfy, no matter the season.