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Upgrade your garden.

Upgrade your garden

Make your garden bloom this summer with our wide range of garden accessories. From stylish lighting to comfy cushions, your garden will be your paradise. ​

Habitat x Scion.

Habitat x Scion

This collection combines our product expertise with Scion’s bold colourways, characters and patterns.

Cushions are the ideal way to add warmth, texture, and colour to your sitting room—not to mention a touch of your own personal style. Look at our range of cushions for lots of choices, including bold prints, bright colours, luxurious textured cushions, chic linen, and more.

Available in different sizes, go for small and large cushions to create a cosy and comfortable seating area. Or, mix and match a few complementary cushions for a look that’s striking yet perfectly pulled together. To add a unique flair to your space, grab some multi-coloured cushions and elevate your space with their vibrant energy.

Sofas can often be a great centrepiece, so browse our range to find the one for you. For a luxe look, pair some green cushions with a velvet sofa and watch as it infuses your décor with elegance.

If you often have guests staying over, make the most of your space with our smart day beds. Just pull them out and your extra bed is ready for a good night’s sleep. Make it even cosier with a chic armchair to complete the look. Just add some blankets and throws along with some sofa cushions and you’re all good to get settled down for the evening.

Whilst you’re revamping, check out our collection of mattresses to help you get a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re looking for soft memory foam or a firm one to help maintain your posture, we've got plenty of options to choose from. Add the final touches by exploring our range of bedding for everything from fluffy pillows to cosy duvets to set yourself up for a sweet snooze.