Hallway storage

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The hallway is often one of the most overlooked areas in your home. If the first thing you see when you step in the front door is a pile of clothes, shoes and other clutter, it’s time to start looking for hallway storage. We can help you create a space that combines modern design with functionality. Shop our selection of natural woven rattan benches, stylish umbrella stands, and wooden shoe shelf and box units. 

Tired of coats piling up around the front door? Check out our coat racks and rails. They’re easy to assemble, easy to move and easy to fit in, even in the smallest areas of your home. We even have a selection of hangers to finish things off. And if you have a small living room, a set of industrial metal trunks is what you need for functional storage. They could not just hold your extra pillows and blankets but also serve as a table or the perfect spot for your plants. 

Storage baskets and boxes are another handy things to add order to your space. Tuck them underneath your console table for additional storage for your scarves, gloves, umbrella and other accessories. Want to create an illusion of space in living room? Check out our range of mirrored units. Browse our range to find an array of stunning designs to transform your space. Or are you planning to light up your space? Check out our lighting ideas for your home. We’ve covered the latest lighting trends and what type of light works best in each room. We’ve everything from statement lamps to stylish pendants to complement any room with exquisite lighting.

We’ve got cube storage to match the decor of your entrance room, from the modern and sleek to traditional. They’re designed to be practical, functional as well as stylish.