Umbrella Stands and Coat Racks

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Keep your space neat and welcoming with our range of umbrella stands and coat racks. They're not just practical but they also keep your entrance clutter-free and inviting whilst adding a touch of style.

Our hallway storage options are a game changer. From sleek console tables to elegant display cabinets, we've got everything you need to turn your hallway into a showcase of style and organisation. Spruce up your space with our charming coat hangers. Available in a variety of styles from sleek metal to cosy velvet, they're not just for hanging coats but they also help keep your garments neat and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Moving on to shoe storage, we've got some amazing options to keep your footwear in shipshape. From stylish racks to chic cabinets, our range is designed to blend into your home. And if you’re after something more functional to store your kicks, our shoe storage bench is a great choice. It'll be a comfy perch for slipping on your shoes whilst stashing away multiple pairs, making clutter a thing of the past.

For those short on space, our over door hooks are ideal. Just pop them over any door for instant, versatile storage—perfect for everything from dressing gowns to kitchen towels and more. And if you aren’t sure to where to start, our hallway storage ideas are all about creating a welcoming, clutter-free entrance. Whether it's a chic console table adorned with fresh blooms or clever storage boxes for all those little bits and bobs, we've got tips and tricks to make your hallway a joy to come home to.