Bathroom accessories guide

Your bathroom can often feel like a practical space offering little comfort or personality. All that can change in an instant with our range of bathroom accessories

Choosing bathroom accessories

Most bathroom accessories fall into one of two categories: tonal to blend in with the existing bathroom suite and decor or something to bring statement and a pop of colour. Think about which camp you fall into.

You may want to buy all items from one range to keep the look streamlined and uniform, or perhaps you want to mix it up. Colour is often the easiest way to do this: why not mix a copper soap dispenser with a matt black toilet brush and team it with a bamboo towel rail and toilet roll holder?

Bathroom accessories
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Different types of accessories

There are two types – wall fixed (such as towel rails and toilet roll holders) and free standing small accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet brushes, bathroom bins, soap dishes, beakers and small bathroom storage.

Towel rails
Towel rails and toilet roll holders

Styling your accessories

Think about you bathroom as you would any other room. Use accessories to make statements using one-off pieces in a punchy colour, mixing in pattern or highlighting metallic finishes. Reinforce your theme or palette with bathroom textiles (towels and shower curtains) and wall art.

Caring for your accessories

Wash with warm soapy water.

Bathroom accessories
Towel rails and toilet roll holders
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