Decorative objects

Brighten up your home with a fun decorative object to add character and personality and some bold bright colour.

Different types

At Habitat our decorative objects range from brightly painted glossy metal animals to mouth blown, hand sculpted glass, to beautifully glazed ceramics with interesting reactive glazes. For most decorative objects each piece is decorated by hand and truly unique. We also have an array of decorative glazed bowls to add interest to a sideboard or coffee table.  

Decorative Objects

What to consider

Choose a decorative object that’s a fit for you, something that suits your personality and makes you smile! These make great gifts too. Decorative objects come to life when grouped with items such as vases or eclectic books on a book shelf.

Decorative Objects


Remember these are not toys so keep out of reach of children and pets. Most decorative objects can be cleaned using a damp cloth but don’tuse abrasive cleaners.

Decorative Objects

Styling your decorative objects

Decorative accessories and objects add charm to a book shelf, sideboard, coffee table, windowsill or mantelpiece. They make a stand alone statement and can be colour grouped with other interesting shapes or mixed in with vases and collectibles to add a point of interest to the room.

Decorative Objects
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