Gadgets and utensils

Gadgets and utensils are a base for any food preparation. From chopping boards to potato mashers we have everything you need to prepare the tastiest meals.

What to consider

You need to consider what you are going to use the utensil for. Whether it is an essential item or something that will make your life that extra bit easier. We have some great gadgets and utensils which not only have a purpose but also will look good in your kitchen.

Gadgets and utensils

Different types

Our utensils range from serving spoons to mashers in different materials to suit every taste.

We range a series of gadgets to make your life easier, such as can openers, pestle and mortars, chopping boards, alongside salt and pepper shakers.

Gadgets and utensils


We have a variety of different materials, from beech wood, bamboo, marble and stainless steel.

The beautiful AGRA pestle and mortar in black marble is durable and will last a lifetime.

We have utensils in both wooden and metal materials. Our KEDRICK beech wood utensils are simple and at a very good price point to start off your kitchen collection. If you want something a little more eye catching, our PANDA set of 4 utensils, made from bamboo, are a great coordinator with the rest of the

kitchenware range. We also have a range of stainless steel utensils which serve a purpose and add a sleek and stylish edge.

The LOREN tongs bring a pop of colour, with a silicone handle for ease of use.
Gadgets and utensils


Please refer to the individual care instructions on each item's packaging or via the website. Stainless steel items are suitable for the dishwasher and it is advised you hand wash any items that are made from wood.

Gadgets and utensils


Why not match these with some of our utensil holders? Your utensils will be stored stylishly on your kitchen worktop surface and within easy grabbing distance.  For a more bold approach, why not try the ELLIOT utensil jar, or for something simpler, the DEWAR is a striking addition?

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