Kitchen Bins

The kitchen bin is one piece of equipment that you will use every day in your kitchen, so it is worth spending some time assessing what you need. Do you have limited space? Do you want to sort your recycling as you go along? What size do you need? See, you never realised there were so many decisions to make!

What to consider

Size of the bin is probably the most important factor – consider how much rubbish your household generates (and how often you want to empty it!). Our kitchen bin sizes start from 16 litre (good for recycling) and go up to 60 litres. The most common and popular size is 30-40 litres.

Also look at the footprint you have available and come armed with these dimensions. Some bins are wide and slim and are a good option if you have a narrow kitchen. But we also have slim bins which can fit into small deeper spaces.

Also consider whether you want to incorporate recycling space within your bin – many bins offer separate compartments for recycling so you can sort as you go.

Finally, there’s no reason why your bin should fade into the background. If you want to make a colour statement, our retro trash can is one of our most popular styles.

Different types

We stock a selection of trash can bins (you lift the lid off), pedal bins and touch bar bins.


Wash with warm soapy water, disinfect the interior of the bin and the lid on a regular basis.

Styling your bin

Bins can make a great statement – Alto, our 50’s style trash can bin, has been featured in many editorial shoots.

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