Bathroom towels

There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a plush, cosy towel after a bath or shower. Once you’ve decided on quality, you need to think whether you’re going to go with classic white, calming neutrals or inject some spice to yourself and your bathroom decor with colour. We’re here to soften your landing in the world of towels.

Choosing your bathroom towels

It can a bit of a minefield of information when shopping for towels but probably the first thing you want to consider is what you like about the feel of a towel. Do you like something that feels super soft with a luxurious pile? Do you like something more lightweight that dries very quickly? Do you like a texture that almost exfoliates the skin as you dry yourself? This can help determine what quality of towel you want to go for.

In our plain range we have EGYPTIAN COTTON, which uses superior Egyptian cotton fibres in the pile. These make the towels extra resilient and softer with each use. These towels are a 600 gms weight making them perfect for every-day use.

Our SPA COTTON is our luxury choice. Made using yarns with a ‘zero twist’, they have deep pile and are super absorbent.

The next decision is to look at colour and whether you want something tonal to work with your bathroom scheme, or something brighter and more directional to make a statement. You may want to choose something with a pattern or a plain dye block colour range.

SHADI is our statement pattern range, using many different coloured yarns woven together to produce something quite striking. This range has a cut velour on one side and soft terry loops on other.

Lastly, you may want to make sure your towels work with other accessories in the bathroom from cabinets to soap dispensers, from bathmats to shower curtains. Habitat have a wide range to select from so you can build you room scheme and colour palette.

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Sizes and types

Towels usually come in set sizes; face cloths (approx. 30x30cm), hand towels (approx. 50x100cm), bath towel (approx. 70x140cm), and bath sheet (approx.100x180cm). Note that these measurements are approximate as towel sizing does vary slightly depending on how and where they are made.

Bath towels are a good everyday size for drying you. Bath sheets offer a little extra luxury in terms of wrapping yourself up after a bath or shower.

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Caring for bath towels

The most important thing is to protect the absorbency of your towels. To do this we recommend that fabric softener is avoided, and that the towels are tumble-dried after washing to maintain the loft of the fibres and therefore the absorbency. All of our towels can be washed repeatedly at 40 degrees.

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Materials and fabrics

All of our towels are made from 100% cotton. The difference in the quality comes from the type of cotton used, the way they are woven, and the weight of the towel (measured in grams per square metre – see each range for details).

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Bathroom accessories

Habitat sells a wide variety of bathroom accessories, from large cabinets to towel rails to toilet brushes! All come in different styles, materials and finishes to work with whatever bathroom style you have in mind.


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