Corner Sofas buying guide

Corner sofas are a brilliant invention because, for a start, they allow maximum stretching out by more than one person. There’s no rule to say a corner sofa needs to live in the corner – it can easily be featured in the middle of a room. But there’s something so cosy about being tucked away where two walls meet. It’s a little rendezvous with you, your sofa and whomever you’d like to curl up with.

Not sure of colour, size or style? Not to worry, read on for some upholstery inspiration and advice on finding the right corner sofa for your space.

Making the right choice

A corner sofa can be a real style statement but first thing’s first: make sure that whichever one you choose can fit through your doors, down hallways and around corners into your living space. Read our sofa measuring guide for dimensions to ensure your chosen sofa will fit where you want it to go. Once that’s out of the way, you can be sure you won’t have any surprises on delivery day. Most of our corner sofas come pre-assembled, which means you only need to install the feet once it’s in the room. How easy is that?

We understand that a sofa is a big purchase, so there’s also the option of trying it out before actually buying it. Feel free to pop in store – we have 3 London flagships and over 80 Minis - to have a sit down and bombard our staff with questions. (They love it!)

Need a room refresh while you’re at it? Complement your sofa with some new lighting, rugs and cushions to bring everything together in a distinctly Habitat way.

Different types

Corner unit

Ideal for getting a luxurious seat in a tight corner, a corner unit can either be left on its own or added to single-seat units to create an L-shaped sofa.

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Single seat unit

These are great for creating modular sofas because they can be linked together to create the exact size sofa that you need (or, you can always leave them on their own as an armchair).

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Chaise longue

A firm favourite, the chaise longue is renowned for giving spaces an air of the boudoir. It’s the ideal companion for quiet reading and a little ‘me time’. Most often found in living rooms and bedrooms, the chaise longue is a classic interior piece.

Get the look: Hyde corner sofa

Sofa bed

The corner sofa bed is great for making the most of the space you have as it offers a large sofa and a guest bed in one. The only challenge is deciding which corner gets to boast this fabulous new design!

Get the look: Porto corner sofa

Chaise sofa

Many of our sofas come with a reversible chaise, which allows for a ‘right arm’ or a ‘left arm’ sofa. You just need to move the chaise to the side where it’s most needed - great for people who might be moving home or re-organising their rooms.

Get the look: Chester corner sofa


Combining a ‘left arm lounger’ with a ‘right arm lounger’ is a great way to create an L-shaped sofa. Or, you could just leave it on its own for a more compact solution.

Get the look: Kasha corner sofa

Fabric types

Since all of our sofas are made to order, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of sizes, colours and fabric to create something truly right for you.


Not only will leather give you a timeless look, it will stand the test of time too! Choose a wide variety of prices and finishes to make sure you get the luxury look that suits your budget.

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Will it be bright and bold or cool and neutral? A fabric sofa is a classic choice – it’s a way to bring colour and texture into your space and add some extra comfort.

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The gorgeous ‘feel me’ fabric of all fabrics, velvet has long been the choice for people who want that extra bit of tactile joy from their sofa. It’s surprisingly durable in a dark colour and, let’s face it, it’s feels great!

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Choosing a corner sofa

The first consideration when choosing a corner sofa is space; corner sofas are often deceptively big. It’s also worth remembering that shelves, radiators and other furniture can prevent the sofa from tucking neatly into the corners of your sitting room. Take time to measure carefully, and consider re-arranging the room, so you know your new corner sofa will be a snug fit.

Watch our sofa measuring guide for some more help and advice.

Next, you’ll need to choose your style and fabric – the fun bit! A neutral colour tends to make rooms feel more spacious and can be accessorised with cushions and throws, while a daring, brightly coloured sofa draws the eye and lends a touch of drama to a space. Leather is a smart choice in a busy family home because it lasts – it only gets better with a little wear and tear. But we always have a soft spot for velvet, which is, hands down, the most luxurious option.

Sofa accessories

Now it’s time to think about the rest of the room.

Would you like to coordinate or clash? For a solid block of colour on the sofa, it is often fun to introduce a playful print to your soft furnishings. Will you need a rug to make a wood floor cosy under your feet? How will this fit in the space, and what design will suit your style?

Interiors are all about balance. Depending on what you’ve chosen for your sofa, you could opt for one or two textured rugs, printed cushions or throws. A neutral sofa goes beautifully with bold prints, whereas soft fabrics and low-key colours can balance a bold sofa in just the right way.

Lighting is a great way to introduce a mood to your room, plus it makes life so much easier. For example, floor lamps go especially well with corner sofas as they perch on one end and are perfect for reading under if you’ve managed to claim the L section for yourself. Or, if you prefer, opt for a statement floor lamp or pendant, or introduce subtle hints of colour with a desk or table lamp.

Finally, furniture. Do you need side tables, coffee tables or a bookshelf to coordinate with the rest of the room? Or maybe a console table or footstool? After all, your room will need to be practical as well as comfy.

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