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Living and dining room

A brown leather sofa with patterned cushions.

How to choose a new sofa

Get to know our sofas with our guide to types, sizes, fabric and fillings.

An orange velvet sofa in a charcoal grey room beside a glass coffee table and gold planter.

Sofa measuring guide

Make sure your new sofa measures up juuuust right with our guide.

A blue velvet sofa bed beside a grey armchair in a living room.

How to choose a new sofa bed

Don't know your click-clacks from your chair beds? Our sofa bed guide can help you out.

Three black and brown rattan chairs around a glass topped wooden dining table.

Dining table ideas

Take a seat and tuck-in to our guide to choosing a new dining table.

A television on a white TV stand between indoor plants.

How to choose a TV stand

Can't decide on a new TV unit? Change the channel and let our guide help.

Textured green tableware and glassware on a rustic wooden dining table.

Dinner and glassware ideas

Set the table for success with our guide to dinner and glassware.

Coffee table and decor ideas.

Coffee table and decor ideas

From glass coffee tables to round coffee tables, pop the kettle on and browse our coffee table inspiration.

Open plan living ideas.

Open plan living ideas

Looking to create an open plan living space? Get that airy, spacious feeling with minimal effort.

Small dining room ideas.

Small dining room ideas

Here's how to create your dream dining room, even if you're short on space.


A bed covered in white bed linen and complementary cream and navy throws.

How to choose a bed

Let us help you find the bed you've been dreaming of.

Bold leaf print bedding on a wooden bed in a green bedroom.

How to choose the best bedding

Freshen up your bed with our guide to duvet and pillow covers.

A white wardrobe and matching cube storage beside a wooden four poster bed.

Wardrobe ideas

How to choose a wardrobe that matches your style.

100 night comfort promise.

100 night comfort promise

Because choosing a new mattress shouldn't keep you up at night.

Dressing room ideas.

Dressing room ideas

Create a dedicated area to get ready with our dressing table ideas and dressing room inspiration.

Bedroom furniture ideas.

Bedroom furniture and storage

Slumber in style with our bedroom ideas, from furniture inspiration to storage solutions.

Home office

Small home office ideas.

Small home office ideas

Need some small office inspiration? Here's our top tips for setting up a work from home station in any room.

How to choose a desk for your home office.

Home office desk ideas

Whether you’ve got an office room or a small nook under the stairs, we’ve got the perfect desk for you.

Choosing a comfy office chair.

Choosing a comfy office chair

Get down to business with our guide to choosing an office chair for your work station.

Homewares and accessories

A wooden tripod table lamp with a natural woven shade on a round side table.

Living room lighting ideas

Give your lounge a new glow with these tables and floor lamp ideas.

A white and gold claw style ceiling light in a peach coloured room.

Ceiling light ideas

Find out more about how to choose the best ceiling lights for your home.

A framed vinyl record on a mint green wall above a record player.

Frame and wall art ideas

Turn your walls from bare to bold with our guide to frames and wall art.

A blue patterned rug on a wooden living room floor.

Rug ideas

Our guide to rugs can help you do more with your floors.

A horizontally striped rolled blind in a white window space.

How to choose blinds

Find the best size and style of blind for you.

Pink, white and grey spotted curtains in a living room with matching colour accents.

How to choose curtains

Be certain about the curtains you want with our guide.

How to accessorise with cushions and throws.

How to accessorise with cushions and throws

Get snug-as-a-bug with our guide.

Ornament and  accessory ideas.

Ornament and accessory ideas

Our ornament and accessory ideas will help you put a stamp on your space. 

Illuminating floor lamp ideas.

Illuminating floor lamp ideas

Bring light and atmosphere to the darkest corners of your home with our lamp ideas. 

Indoor planters and faux plants.

Indoor planters and faux plants

Bring a little greenery into your home with our collection of faux plants, flowers and planters.

How to choose a mirror.

How to choose a mirror

From round to rectangular, black to brass, full length to freestanding, discover the fairest mirror of them all. 

Bookcase and shelving guide.

Bookcase and shelving guide

Find the perfect bookcase or shelving unit to store all your favourite books and knick-knacks.


Storage ideas.

Storage ideas

Get uber-organised with storage inspiration for every room of your house.

Bathroom accessories and storage.

Bathroom accessories and storage

Ideas to keep your toiletries, towels, cosmetics and cleaning products in order.

Kitchen storage ideas.

Kitchen storage ideas

Learn how to turn a cluttered kitchen into an orderly one with our storage ideas and solutions. 

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