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A brown leather sofa tucked into a nook in a white living room.

Heart set on a Habitat sofa? Great taste! But, before you click on that little ‘Add to Bag’ button, you’ll need to measure up and check your new love is compatible with your space.

Sofa dimensions

A diagram of a sofa showing how to measure the height, width, and depth.

We're talking size - because it really matters when it comes to sofas

Our sofas come packaged for safe delivery. So, the first thing to do is to jot down the ‘packaged’ dimensions of your chosen sofa - width (W), height (H) and depth (D). You’ll find these measurements listed on our product pages.

Buying a corner sofa? If so, your order will be delivered in more than one package. But, that's it. You'll just need to make sure each of the packages can fit into your home.

Getting your sofa inside

A diagram showing which measurements to consider when getting your sofa home.

Getting your new sofa through the front door

First off, you'll need to make sure your sofa will fit through the front door. Measure the width of your door frame (A). If this measurement is greater than your sofa's packaged height then your sofa will fit through just fine.

If, however there is an obstruction behind your door and you cannot open it fully, open the door as wide as it will go and measure from the outer edge of the door to the inner edge of the door frame at its narrowest point (B). If (B) is greater than your sofa’s height (H), then we can guide it through.

Width of door too narrow? Then our delivery team will try to carry the sofa through upright. To check this is possible, measure the height of your doorway (C) to make sure it's greater than the sofa's packaged width (W). Be sure to allow for some wiggle room.

It's also worth writing down the diagonal depth and diagonal height of your new sofa. This determines whether the sofa can go through the doorway at an angle, if necessary.

A diagram showing how to consider internal doorways.

Manoeuvring through hallways and internal doors

Phew! You now know your sofa can make it through the front door, but will it be able to reach its designated spot? Measure the width of any passages, hallways (E), or doors (F) that your sofa will pass through. And don't forget to take note of any possible obstructions such as shelving or radiators. For smooth passage, the packaged height of your sofa will need to be smaller than these measurements.

A diagram showing considerations for getting your sofa upstairs.

Getting your sofa upstairs

Need to get your sofa up some stairs? No problem! Measure the width of your stairs at their narrowest point (I). If this is wider than the packaged height of your sofa then it should fit. If there is a landing, measure its depth (G), width (I) and height (J). As long as these measurements are greater than the width, depth and height of your sofa, this should be fine.

Will we need to lift the sofa over a bannister? If so, make sure the distance between the bannister and the ceiling is greater than the packaged depth of your sofa at the narrowest height.

A diagram showing how to possibly fit your sofa into a lift.

Fitting your sofa into a lift

Does your building have a lift we’ll need to use? If so, you’ll need to measure the open-door height (M), width (L) and depth (K) of the lift to make sure we can fit your sofa inside. It's also worth measuring the diagonal height of the lift from the bottom front to the top back, in case the sofa needs to fit into the lift at an angle. If the dimensions are greater than the packaged width, height and depth of your sofa, there shouldn't be a problem.

A black leather sofa with mismatched cushions in a cream and green living room.

Is there enough room?

To be sure that your new sofa will fit into your room, we suggest making a template from newspaper or using masking tape to mark out the amount of space it requires. Check you have enough room to move around your sofa and to open doors and drawers once it's in place.

If you have a sloping ceiling, don't forget to measure the height of the area where your sofa will be positioned to ensure it can be manoeuvred into place.

Only have a small space to fill? Don't worry! We have a great selection of love seats and snuggler sofas to curl up on.

On delivery

A black fabric loveseat beside a tall, arched floor lamp in pale grey living room.

All good to go? Great!

Our delivery team are happy to unwrap and dispose of any packaging from your sofa. Please inspect your order thoroughly before signing the delivery paperwork. Any flaws, defects or signs of transit damage should also be documented alongside your signature; in this event, please contact our Customer Services team immediately.

Lastly, bear in mind that we deliver in vehicles that are about the size of a fire engine or refuse lorry. Please contact Customer Services if you're aware of any issues getting to your street, such as narrow lanes, low bridges or any parking restrictions.

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