How to create a cosy home

Cosy, cosy, cosy, there's no such thing as too much!

Image of a navy velet sofa in a dusky pink living room by a fire.

Cosy living room ideas

Habitat Callie fabric wingback chair.

Creating a cosy corner

The house is quiet. You find yourself with nothing you need to do. Go on, sneak off to that secret spot. Grab a brew and lose yourself in a good book.

Image of a cream sofa with lots of cushions.

Cosy throws & cushions

Create a cosy spot just for you. Don't forget to grab a blanket and a comfy cushion, as you'll be snoozing in no time.

Image of a 4-wick candles on a side table.

Cosy candles

Switch off from the day with soothing scents and flickering candles.

Habitat Achille ash wooden tripod floor lamp.

Cosy glow

Swap to softer lighting for a relaxing living room that will make you reluctant to move.

Habitat Callie fabric wingback chair.

Family snuggles

It's family time! Pile up the pillows, bring the nibbles, and get comfy for a movie-a-thon on the sofa. Whose turn is it to be piggy in the middle?

Habitat Ayrton fur beanbag in cream colour.

Squishy bean bags

Sink into squidgy bean bags for an evening of creature comforts, a spot of ‘me-time’ or if there’s no room on the sofa!

Habitat winter garden set of 3 nibble bowl.

Snack time!

Nibbles at the ready? Dinky dishes and bowls are the perfect size for social grazing or an evening of 'picky bits'.

Cosy bedroom ideas

Create a zzzen bedroom with tempting textures, warming bedding and soothing furnishings.

Image of a grey and white bed in a bedroom setting.

Cosy bedding

Give your bedroom a little boost with cosy quilt covers you'll be desperate to cocoon yourself in.

Image of a thick winter duvet rolled up on a bed.

Snuggly winter duvets

Lie-in luxury. Drift off snuggled up in a plush duvet. It's what dreams are made of.

Image of a green bedroom with green blackout curtains.

Blackout blinds & curtains

Block out disturbing, outside light and nestle down for a peaceful night.

Image of a kid laying on a rug that looks like a tiger.

Toe-scrunchingly soft rugs

Super soft underfoot, or on your belly. You'll be tempted to swap your bed for the floor.

Image of a kid in bed surrounded by lots of colourful duvets and pillows.

Cosy kids' room

Create a snuggly space just for them with duvets dotted with colour and cute characters to bring a playfulness to their room. Psst, they're great for den building too!

Cosy extras

When it’s damp and dreary outside the best way to feel cosy is to curl up with a steaming cuppa or a bowl of hearty grub. Is your tummy rumbling now too?

Image of steaming mugs and plate of biscuits on a coffee table by a fire.

Cosy drinks

Wrap your hands around a toasty mug and sip on a wintery drink that warms you from the inside out. Marshmallows and squirty cream anyone?

Image of 3 red cast iron pots with gold handles on a table.

Comfort food kit

They call it comfort food for a reason. Casseroles, hot pots and soups are the ultimate go-to foods to warm you up on colder nights. Plus it saves on washing up too!

More cosy ideas

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