How to choose a chair for your home office

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How to sit at a desk

You’re at your desk almost as long as you’re in bed (we know where we’d rather be), so comfort should be at the top of your list. Ever the team player, we’ve listed some things to think about to help you be comfy 9-5. Aches and pains can pack up their things because they’re fired – effective immediately.

  • Adjust your chair so your elbows are resting just above the table top and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Don't scoot so far in that your legs feel squashed - this will never be a comfy position.
  • Use the backrest tilt to find your ideal position. But don’t get carried away. Sitting too reclined, bolt upright or arched can cause neck and back problems.
  • Always sit at the back of the chair to get proper back and lumbar support. For those with back issues, choose a chair that has an adjustable back support.
  • Your arm rests shouldn’t get in the way of you moving closer to your desk.
  • Padding adds extra comfort and support if sat there all day - providing it’s not too hard or soft. There's no time for a numb bum.

8 types of office chair

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1. Adjustable office chairs

Twiddle and tweak to get the height just right. Some have adjustable arms and others let you customise their backrest tilt for uber comfort. Your working position should be strain-free and full of productivity. Ready for a successful day?

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2. Ergonomic office chairs

Got a long day ahead of you? Team up with a new work buddy to bring you comfort that will still be working hard long after logging off. Our ergonomic chair’s resumé includes: adjustable height, tilt function, wheels to help you wiggle into a comfier position and backrests shaped to support the natural curve of the spine.

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3. Folding office chairs

Handy if your living room doubles as an office, or space is slim pickings. But really, what better way to end the work day than folding your office chair away? Out of sight, and out of mind, at least until the morning, or Monday.

Image of a red, mesh swivel chair.

4. Swivel office chairs

Aside from having fun spinning on them (we all do it!), swivel chairs are handy if you’re working from a corner desk or in an office with an extended workspace. They’re also a friend of the fidgety. Move without moving and less annoying than pen tapping.

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5. Office chairs with no wheels

For those who feel unsteady on wheels or if your flooring won’t let the wheels roll – think thick carpets.

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6. Office chairs with wheels

Makes moving in and out from under your desk easier – push yourself away to pop the kettle on, or roll to get to where you want to be. Weeeee!

Image of a wooden desk with a brown. faux leather office chair.

7. Faux leather office chairs

You’d never know they were faux. Our leather-look office chairs and the industrial theme are made for each other. Not to mention how comfy they are – your back and bum will thank you for it.

Image of a grey, mesh office chair next to a desk.

8. Mesh office chairs

With a curved back that mimics your posture, mesh is both strong and flexible, moulding to the natural curve of your spine to provide maximum back and lumbar support. The material is also less bulky than others if you’re looking for a slenderer design.

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