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Image of white TV stand in a teal coloured living room.

To accommodate both self confessed DIY-ers and those who are less confident with a screwdriver, our TV stands are a mix of self-assembled, fully assembled and some that only need minor assembly. Each product will specify its assembly type on their dedicated product page.

5 TV stand designs to suit any space

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Image of a wooden corner TV stand in a pale blue living room..

1. Corner TV stands

Snuggle them into a corner for the optimum viewing angle. They’re a game-changer for oddly shaped spaces and make the most of an otherwise neglected nook.

Image of a white TV stand in a white living room.

2. White TV stands

Rustic wood for cosy movie nights, or glam gloss for a contemporary cinematic sitting room. Donning drawers, shelves, or both for your extra bits, our white TV stands are sleek, minimalistic podiums for your screen to sit upon.

Image of a wooden TV stand with drawers in a dark blue living room.

3. Wood TV stands

As well as being very durable and strong, like a chameleon, wood adapts easily to its surrounding style. Be it laidback bohemian, homey farmhouse or Scandi simplicity. You’re onto a winner with wood.

Image of a white TV stand and sideboard combo in a green living room.

4. TV stand & sideboard combo

We love a 2-in-1-er. Cost-effective and space-saving, our TV stand and sideboard combos are off to a great start. A top choice if your digs are dinky or you’re kitting out your first home.

Image of a off-white TV stand with a wooden top in a white living room.

5. Black, grey & neutral TV stands

For those not feeling white, neutrals are a no-brainer. Greys are calming while blacks are bold and make a statement. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re guaranteed to go with any colour palette. So, which shade will you choose?

Choosing a TV stand

Image of a white TV stand in a grey living room.

Where's it going to go?

  • Check out your space. Will a cabinet or bench style fit, or is the area awkward and a corner unit would be better?
  • Make sure you measure the space, including width, depth and height. Remember, your TV has to sit on top of it.
Image of a wooden corner TV stand in a green living room.

What size do I need?

  • All our TV stands list the TV size it’s suitable for.
  • Don’t downsize. The stand should either be the same length or slightly longer than your TV to ensure it sits stable and fits securely.
  • Check the stand can hold the TV's weight - we mention this in the assembly info online.
  • Are there enough shelves and compartments for your consoles and accessories? Note their dimensions so you know they’ll fit.

Extra things to think about

  • If you’re storing consoles, choose a stand that has an open or ventilated back so it has air flow to breathe and prevent overheating.
  • Planning to put your TV box in it? Opt for either an open front design or one with infra-red friendly glass so you can still use your remote.
  • Position it in a location that isn’t cursed with annoying window glare.
  • Think about where the plug sockets and satellite ports are too. You may need to get an extension cable to plug in your TV and A/V devices.

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