Pillow protectors

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Keep your precious pillows safe and sound with our collection of pillow protectors. Choose from cotton for comfort, polyester for durability or microfiber for a touch of luxury. A quick wash now and then keeps your pillows fresh and clean. Ideal for fighting allergies or just keeping things tidy, these protectors will be your go-to for a sound sleep.

For a sound sleep, check out our range of pillows. From supportive options for side sleepers to hypoallergenic choices, we've got it all. If you’re looking to take your snooze to the next level, check out the Simba pillow. This innovative pillow allows you to adjust its firmness and height, thanks to its Nanocube technology. Ideal for back and side sleepers, its fabric technology also regulates temperature for a comfortable sleep. Complete your dream setup with a wide array of pillowcase colours and designs for a restful night.

Transform your bedroom into a personal haven by adding a bit of flair with cosy beds, snuggly duvets and charming touches like a quirky bedside lamp or a stylish rug. Give your bedroom a makeover by checking out our beds. Our selection ranges from classic oak to trendy rattan styles and so much more. Whether it's a compact single or a luxurious king-size, we’ve got something for every space.

Now that the bed and pillows are sorted, dress them with our amazing range of bed sheets. Whether it's a snug-fitting elasticated sheet or a classic flat sheet, you'll have lots of designs to choose from. Add a vibrant touch by throwing in a couple of colourful cushions into the mix. Whether bold, bright, or textured, they inject personality into your living space.