Open plan living ideas

Get that airy, spacious feeling with minimal effort.

Looking to create an open plan living space? While it can feel more open and allow the whole family to be together instead of being tucked away in different rooms, if not done properly, it can feel cramped. Follow these 3 tips to help create your open plan set-up, with breathing space.

1. Split the space

Combine rooms that feel right and make sense for you. We're talking kitchen-diner, bedroom-come-office or a living and dining room combo. If a pairing doesn't work for your space, don't force it.

Divide & conquer.

Divide & conquer

Room dividers and cleverly positioned storage units create zones within one space. Try to choose storage units that have an open back so not to close the space off entirely.

Cosy corners.

Cosy corners

You don’t need walls to separate areas. Keep your sofa away from the wall and instead, put it where you want your living room to begin. Corner sofas in particular are great for this.

Snug as a rug.

Snug as a rug

Use rugs to create sections within a room without even trying. The eye instantly identifies that everything on the rug or within the vicinity is part of that area.

Light the way.

Light the way

Lighting gives the illusion of separate spaces. Cluster them above your dining table, frame your living room and focus any task lighting towards the workspace and not the chill-out zones.

Divide and conquer small spaces

Image of a living and dining room.

2. Multifunctional furniture

Too much furniture will clutter your airy, open plan living vibe. Be savvy when selecting pieces and pick options that’ll work doubly hard for you.

Storage in disguise.

Storage in disguise

You need somewhere to store snuggly throws but also a perch for your cuppa. The solution? An ottoman! Its long shape means it’s not bulky so there’s room to walk around it. It’s the ideal open plan addition.

Habitat Kota 3 Seater Boucle Clic Clac Sofa Bed - Cream.

A spot to sit and snooze

No spare room? No problem. Guests can relax on the super comfy sofa by day, and snooze peacefully by night. If you host regularly, you can use the ottoman to store your spare sheets. Problem solved!

Coffee table-come-bed bench.

Transforming tables

Our slender benches act like a 2-in-1. Pop them at the end of your bed as somewhere to lay your clothes or in your living room if you’re expecting guests. They’re light enough to pick up and move about but sturdy enough to hold a tray-full of drinks.

Sleepy storage.

Sleepy storage

The space beneath the bed is often neglected, so get savvy and use it. Ottoman beds give you a dreamy place to rest your head, but also oodles of room to store towels, bedsheets or seasonal clothing, making the rest of your room feel more, well, roomy.

Multi-functional? No kidding!

Image of a colourful living room.

3. Flexible furniture

We’re a fan of furniture that works in our favour. Pieces that fold and tuck away at the end of the day or grow and shrink to suit you. What’s not to love?

Extending dining table.

Extending dining table

You begin with a perfectly sized table for two. Then bam! With a couple of tweaks you’ve got yourself a 6-seater.

Nest of tables.

Nest of tables

Three tables that fit into one? You're onto a winner. Super space-savers and great for when you have guests. Best get the nibbles out!

Folding furniture.

Folding furniture

Open up then close away. Folding furniture can be just as stylish and equally as functional as their static siblings. See for yourself.

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