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Take the party outside

Take the party outside

From Pimms on the patio to dishing up an al-fresco dining feast. Discover everything you need for fun in the sun.

Check out our range of cookware, great for food enthusiasts and busy family cooks. If you fancy a bit of a natter in the kitchen, we've got you covered with everything from saucepans to grills, perfect for that cheeky chill or a full-on feast.

If you need to stir up a storm with some pots and pans, explore our range and tackle your culinary adventures. They're a breeze to handle, with their silicone grips and they're a perfect match for any hob type. Whip up that perfect Sunday roast with our roasting tins. Perfect for roasting anything from veggies to a full-on turkey, they're super-easy to use and clean.

If you fancy a good fry-up, our frying pan is just the thing. Whether you're flipping pancakes in a jiffy or cooking up a quick omelette, this pan makes it a pleasure. It's lightweight, non-stick and spot on for any hob type. If you’re on the lookout for some nifty kitchen utensils, we've got a selection that'll make cooking a piece of cake. From flipping pancakes to stirring up a hearty stew, our utensils are here to lend a helping hand.

Don’t forget to check our variety of serving bowls. Whether it's a casual breakfast or a posh dinner, our bowls add a touch of class to any table setting. They're sturdy, stylish, and just waiting to be filled with your culinary creations. Make your meals special with the right tray. Ideal for serving a brew or breakfast in bed, we’ve got a wide variety of options that are stylish and versatile.