Casserole Pots

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Explore our range of casserole pots and oven dishes, excellent for anyone who enjoys warm stews, casseroles and slow-cooked roasts. Available in a medley of sizes, styles and materials like cast iron, ceramic, stoneware and aluminium, they’re a dream for both budding cooks and culinary wizards.

Browse our selection of oven dishes to make those comfort meals a cinch. Whether you're whipping up a family casserole or a pie for your friends, our oven dishes come in various sizes and materials. We've also got divided roasting tins to help you cook multiple delights at once.

If you love homemade cakes and breads, our bakeware collection is a great solution. From baking trays for rustling up chewy cookies to rolling pins for evenly rolling pastries, we have various options. If you love a bit of flair, our range of serving platters is a game-changer. They're ideal for everything from pasta nights to Sunday roasts. And for those gatherings with your loved ones, our larger platters are just the ticket for appetisers, snacks and dips.

Check out our Jamie Oliver frying pans. Whether you're flipping pancakes or searing a steak, these non-stick beauties come in various styles and colours to suit your cooking needs and kitchen aesthetic. Plus, they're built to last, easy to clean and super versatile. You'll also love our Ninja pan sets. Suitable for all hob types, they're a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen arsenal.