Griddle Pans

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Griddle pan sets are a must in every kitchen, whether you’re whipping up that late-night grilled sandwich or making a perfectly juicy steak for lunch. Our griddle pans are a fantastic and useful addition to any kitchen. We’ve got a wide array of brands and material to choose from, whether you go for non-stick aluminum, stylish copper or traditional cast iron, we’ve it all.

Our griddle pans are utterly perfect for getting that delicious fried flavour, without sacrificing the health benefits of using a grill. They’re best used for meat such as chicken or steak, and potatoes and other vegetables. Did you have a look at our other kitchen utensils yet? We have all your kitchen needs sorted from knives, cookware, storage solutions and more. Whether you’re a master chef or culinary enthusiast, we’ve everything you need to kit out your kitchen and get cooking. 

When it comes to home dining, having a selection of beautiful dining sets can make the experience all the more pleasurable. Our range is designed to cater to all occasions, from day-to-day use, or dinner parties. We’ve a wide selection available in a range of colours, styles and materials. Why not stage your dining table with our gorgeous serving bowls?  Pick from our selection based on your décor and match the colour and design that brings out the best of your kitchen or dining area. Choose from neutral and understated to loud and proud.

How about our chopping boards to keep your kitchen worktops in tip-top condition? They’re ideal for chopping up veggies and preparing raw meat. A traditional wooden board adds a rustic touch to your kitchen counter and a granite board is ideal for a modern vibe. 

No kitchen is complete without a mixing bowl. Whether you are using them to marinate the meat for the BBQ, tossing a salad, or making a cake, we’ve something for all your needs. Why not check out our range of dining room sets too? Create a bright and airy dining space with light wooden furniture, space-enhancing mirrors and calming colours. Not forgetting a beautiful bunch of blooms to complete the look. Get your hosting hat on and prepare for guests with a dining table perfect for entertaining.