Kitchen Scales

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Not sure why the exact same recipe taste different each time you prepare it? Well, we might know what’s not quite right there. It’s all in the measurements when you’re baking a cake or making a shepherd’s pie from scratch. Put an end to your measuring woes with our easy-to-use kitchen scales. They make measuring wet and dry ingredients a child’s play and take very little space in your kitchen. You can leave it on the countertop or pop it in the kitchen cabinet when not in use. But it always comes in super handy when you’re in the mood to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

With your measuring woes out of the way, it’s time to whip up your favourite cake. Whether you’re baking a small cake or a big one for the whole family, we’ve got mixing bowls of all sizes to get your cake batter ready without the worry of any spillovers – thanks to the high sides. They’re also a great option when tossing up salads and other one-bowl meals in large batches. When prepping meals in advance, count on our simple food storage solutions to keep your food fresh for long – browse through our complete range and choose your favourites.

Don’t forget to check out our latest range of cookware to prepare restaurant-quality food at home. Find durable woks and saucepan sets – all under one roof. We’ve even lined up a great range of cast iron and cast aluminium cookware to take your one-pot meals to the next level. No matter what’s cooking, chopping boards are a kitchen essential. From slicing and dicing veggies to hammering all kinds of meats – you can’t go without a chopping board at hand.