Salt and pepper grinders

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Liven up your dining table with a set of salt and pepper grinders from our selection. Place your chosen salt and pepper mill design in the centre of your table, along with your chosen tableware.


Salt and pepper grinders are a household staple, which is why we offer a range of colours, styles and designs, and shapes. Each of our design styles is made to be easy to hold and use; our innovative salt and pepper grinders are the perfect combination of style and practicality. 


Featuring adjustable grinders for ease of use, our range of salt and pepper grinders are perfect for adding an additional touch to style to your dining room. And why stop there? When preparing your meals keep the style stakes high with our casserole dishes, while our range of china plates means that your food will always look elegant. And while we’re talking serving food, the best table layouts always include access to water for your diners, our choice of carafe and drinking glasses will mean everything is chic for you and whoever you’re cooking for.