Picture Frames

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Check out our range of picture frames, designed to turn your walls into a gallery of memories. Whether it's a simple black frame for a minimalist vibe or a rustic wooden one for a homely feel, our frames are perfect for displaying those cherished moments.

Our wooden picture frames offer a blend of elegance and charm. They pair beautifully with black and white photographs, creating a timeless look. Arrange them in a cluster with various sizes for an eye-catching feature on your living room or hallway wall. And if you’re after something versatile, our A4 photo frames are sleek and adaptable, fitting into any decor.

Reflect your style with our brilliant collection of wall art. In a minimalist setting, a single large piece creates a focal point. For a more eclectic look, create a gallery wall with various styles and sizes, bringing vibrancy and personality to the space. For a more functional piece, a wall mirror is a top pick. Place it opposite a window to bounce natural light around your room or use it as an elegant alternative to traditional art.

For small living room design ideas, focus on light colours and reflective surfaces to create an illusion of space. A mirror above a compact sofa, coupled with a light rug and sheer curtains can make the room feel airy and open. And when it comes to mealtimes, transform your dining room into a stylish gathering space with our wide range. Pair our contemporary dining sets with statement lighting and bold wall art to create a room that’s not just for meals but for sharing stories and laughter.