Ceiling lights Buying Guide

There are countless options when it comes to ceiling lights. Will it be a statement pendant or a classic shade? Maybe you’d like to play with scale or colour? Or a cluster of 3 or 4 fixtures might do the trick?

Habitat is known for affordable, contemporary lighting and each season we bring out unique, of-the-moment designs to sit alongside the classics in our range. Our reputation for practical, gorgeous lighting was built over decades of customers who always find what they’re looking for at a happy-making price point.

Have a read through our buying guide to find out how light can show off your space and make a statement all on its own.

Making the right choice

Even small changes can make a huge difference when updating your space. Perfect for creating a focal point, ceiling lights give ‘wow factor’ to a room. Oversized, low-slung pendants over a dining room table or a grouping of smaller hanging lamps have a huge impact even on a relatively small budget.

We have a sprawling range of ceiling lights including industrial-style lamps, chandeliers, hand-woven rattan and paper lamps. Handy for you, we also supply light bulbs and expert advice to make it as easy as possible to brighten up your space.

Different types

Metal ceiling lights

These bestsellers are designed in-house and are exclusive to Habitat. Made from industrial materials, they give your room a warm glow as well as a hefty dose of edge.

Opt for a vibrant colour to brighten up your room, or stick to plain silver, copper or brass for a contemporary look.

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Glass ceiling lights

Whether you choose a single light or a cluster, glass pendants are a superb way to infuse your space with a soft, subtle glow without overpowering it.

Many of our glass ceiling fixtures are height adjustable so you can arrange them to be the perfect height for your space (and your family’s head height, of course).

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A firm favourite in bathrooms and kitchens, these popular lights look sharp but more importantly, allow you to focus light exactly where you need it. They’re usually operated on dimmer switches, which make it easy to create a cosy atmosphere or brighten up a room when you need to.

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Cluster ceiling lights

Cluster ceiling lights are an updated take on the classic chandelier. An easy statement piece, they’re the obvious choice when you’d like to make an impression in a space. What’s more, they’re just as at home in a maximalist interior as they are in a low-key, neutral scheme.

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Choosing a ceiling light

Choosing ceiling lights is key to getting the right look for your space and making sure it’s functional. While industrial ceiling lights make a bold style statement, which is great for dining areas and kitchens, spotlights and paper shades are softer and subtler - less ‘look at me’ - for places in your home where furniture and accessories are the focal point.

Once you’ve decided which fixture will work best, choose a finish that will work with the whole room and stand the test of time. It’s always fun to flick through interiors magazines for inspiration on how the right finish will bring your room together.

Finally, make sure you’ve got light bulbs! Feel free to pop in-store or tweet @HabitatHelp if you have any queries before you buy.

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Lights, by their very nature, are fragile and should be treated with care. It’s a bit of common sense, but don’t forget to turn them off at the fuse box and completely detach any shades before cleaning. All of our lights should be wiped clean with a dry cloth, but it’s probably best to refer to each individual light for more specific instructions.


Ceiling shades are often referred to as 'easy fit' or 'easy to fit'. These styles are sold as 'shade only' and, with no requirement for an electrician, they can simply be fitted onto the existing pendant light fitting and you're good to go. Being quick-fixes, they are a great option for rented spaces. If you're looking for a complete look, we'd like to point you in the direction of our Pendel electrical cable fitting (we do recommend you use a qualified electrician to ensure it's wired in safely). It looks slick, polished and striking when paired with one of our shades.

All our ceiling shades come with optional reducer rings so they can be used with an Edison screw or bayonet fitting...one shade fits all!

We've managed to turn almost every material into a shade so there's sure to be something to suit your space. Glass wood and paper shades cast a beautiful glow; brushed metals and wirework give a nod to the industrial. Think about the way you arrange your ceiling shades. They look striking hanging alone, but grouped together over a breakfast bar or dining table they're more tasked in style, while having maximum visual impact.

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Complementary accessories

So you’ve settled on a fabulous light fixture. Now it's time to smarten up everything else. Have a browse of our furniture ranges, whether it’s your living room, dining room or bedroom that could use a little TLC. In need of some bathroom accessories? Check out our lighted mirrors and luxurious towel sets, which will give that personal space a new lease on life.

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