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Ceiling light guide.

Ceiling light guide

From fitting a ceiling light to choosing the right style for your home, explore our helpful ceiling light guide.

Brighten up your space with our fantastic selection of ceiling lights. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of chandeliers, simplicity of flush mount lights or the versatility of pendant lights, our collection has something for every home.

If you're considering a revamp for your interiors, check out our LED light fittings. From grand ceiling installations to be the centrepiece of your room to table lamps that are great for corners and side tables, we have a wide range available. Add a soft, mellow glow with ambient lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. And illuminate your reading or work areas with the direct, bright beam of task-focused lighting. Coordinate your ceiling light with a gold lamp for a stylish look.

After some light shades? Look no further than our range designed to offer both functionality and style. If you love a minimalist or understated look, our linen shades in neutral palettes like beige, off-white and grey might appeal. But if you're someone who leans towards a touch of opulence, our richer textured shades in materials like velvet come in intense, captivating hues, including emerald, gold and sapphire.

For a distinctive yet versatile lighting solution, our tripod floor lamp is a great choice. From the opulent sheen of metallic gold that speaks luxury to the organic wooden tones that echo warmth and simplicity, there's a style available to help you add character to your home.

Hallways play a pivotal role in setting the tone for the rest of the home. The challenge lies in striking the balance between aesthetics and function. Our range of pendant lighting is crafted to evenly disperse light, adding a design element to those transitional zones while enhancing their appeal.

When it comes to bathrooms—a space where lighting plays both a functional and mood-enhancing role–the choice of fixtures becomes paramount. Whether you want to create a sleek, modern ambiance with chrome-finished flush ceiling lights or lean towards a rustic style with wooden elements, our range will help provide optimal illumination for daily routines.

Don't forget to dress your windows. Enhance them with our curtains collection. We have a great variety, including sheer curtains for a light, breezy feel and blackouts for privacy and comfort. Or choose striped patterns that add a sense of height and luxurious matte velvets for regal elegance. Our Christmas window lights are ideal for brightening up your home during those dark December evenings.