Let's talk ceiling light types

Pendant ceiling light hanging above table.

Pendants & chandeliers

High ceilings, say hello to your perfect companion. As well as casting light to all corners, they create a focal point. Position above a table for mealtime mood lighting or dot them through large spaces to brighten shadowy areas. Glass, bamboo, contemporary or cosy, you’re bound to take a shine to something.

PS, good news taller folk, most of our pendant lights are height adjustable.

Gold flush ceiling light with sphere pendants.

Flush ceiling lights

Fitting nice and snug to the ceiling, flush lights are a favourite for low ceilings. Not one to let the limited space cramp their style, they spread light out so the whole room glows. And they don’t have to look boring either. Bold or gold, quietly confident, or something simple that gets the job done. You get the picture!

Trending ceiling lights

Shore Light Jamison Steel & Glass Pendant Light- Antique Brass.

Hanging glass ceiling lights

Gold and brass ceiling lights hanging.

Gold & brass ceiling lights

Habitat Exposed Bulb Steel LED Flush Ceiling Light - Black.

Industrial ceiling lights

Black ceiling lights hanging.

Black ceiling lights

What room are you buying for?

Ceiling light hanging above bed in bedroom.

Bedroom ceiling lights

Sleepy space into ready for the day ahead - bedroom lighting needs to work for both. Switch between calming glow and mood-lifting lighting with strategically placed pendants or flush lights.

Celing light hanging in kitchen.

Kitchen ceiling lights

Pour plenty of light into your recipe-making room. Spotlights or precisely placed pendants are the key ingredient here – just point them or hang them at main zones like the sink and cooker. Ready to whip up a well-lit space?

Ceiling light hanging in living room.

Living room ceiling lights

Hang a statement pendant that make guests go ‘ooo’. If space is a bit tight, flush lighting with a fancy twist will also work for the living room ‘big light’.

Ceiling light hanging in dining room.

Dining room ceiling lights

Wrong lighting can be a recipe for disaster. Breakfast by spotlight is too intense, and dimly-lit dining isn’t practical for family feasts. The aim is comfortable, relaxing lighting, whilst still being able to find your fork. Grouped pendants, a shimmering chandelier or soft flush lighting sound good to us.

Ceiling light hanging in bathroom.

Bathroom ceiling lights

Flush lights are your best bet, but there are extra bits to consider too. Bathroom lights need water and moisture protection, as well as a suitable IP rating for specific zones.

  • IP67 - Zone 1: inside of the bath/shower.
  • IP65 - Zone 2: directly around the bath/shower with a height of up to 2.25m above the floor and a radius of 1.2m from the water source.
  • IP44 - Zone 3: 60cm wide area next to and around zone 1 and 2.
Ceiling light hanging in hallway.

Hallway ceiling lights

You want a light that says ‘welcome home’ with a warm glow. Hallways tend to be a bit bland - add some oomph to the space with a pendant or flush light. Pendants draw the eye up giving the illusion of taller ceilings while flush lights are a space-saving way to spread light.

Let's shop light shades

All our shades are 'easy fit', come with reducer rings and can be used with Edison screw or bayonet fittings. One size really does fit all.

Glass lamp shade hanging.

Glass lamp shades

White paper light shade hanging.

Paper lamp shades

wooden lamp shade hanging.

Wooden lamp shades

Fabric lamp shade hanging.

Fabric lamp shades

Fitting a ceiling light

Before you choose your dream ceiling light, there's a few important things to consider. Check out our tips on fitting a ceiling light below to make sure your're all set.

Ceiling lights hanging in different lengths.

To lighten the light-choosing load, we’ve listed some things to think about beforehand.

  • What room are you buying for?
  • How much light does the room need?
  • Is the light for mood or task lighting?
  • How high are the ceilings?
  • Will the light type fit in with the overall space?
  • Looking to create a cosy home?

How to fit a ceiling light

What you'll need:

  • New light fitting
  • Electrical screwdriver
  • Wire strippers
  • Multi-purpose detector
Ceiling light wire colours.

Step 1:

  • Switch off electricity at the fuse box before starting.
  • Remove light casing and take a picture of the wire positions to help you later.

           Green & yellow = earth wire
           Brown = live
           Blue = neutral

           Older houses may have:
           red = live
           black = neutral

Man removing ceiling light.

Step 2:

  • Remove wires from existing fitting.
  • Unscrew the base and remove old fitting.
  • Use a socket or voltage tester to check that the circuit is safe to work on.
  • If the old wires are damaged or too long, cut off the ends and remove an inch of the insulation coating to expose the new wire.
Fitting a ceiling light.

Step 3:

  • Follow the instructions provided and use the picture you took earlier to attach the wires in the correct positions.
  • All new light fittings should label where to put each wire.
  • If there isn’t an earth wire, don't attach metal light fittings (chrome/brass).
  • All connections should be tight and secure without any exposed wires.
Man fitting a ceiling light to ceiling.

Step 4:

  • Attach the light fitting to the mounting bracket and secure into place.
  • Fit correct bulbs and any casings.
  • Switch electricity back on at the fuse box and test your new lighting fitting.

Always read manufacturers instruction before changing light fittings. These instructions are guidelines only. If in doubt always reach out to a qualified electrician.

Ceiling light bulbs

Light bulbs lit up.

We're having a light bulb moment

From decorative to dimmable, energy saving to LED – let’s get your room glowing.

Just make sure you only use light bulbs and wattage recommended by the manufacturer – we don’t want any blown fuses.

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Living room with gold floor lamp.

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