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Image of blue bedroom with a white and wood top dressing table.

Jazz up your spare room or give that awkward alcove a purpose. Dressing rooms don’t have to be enormous, fancy things. Sometimes a small space dedicated to getting ready is all you need. We’ve shared some top tips to help you create a dressing room that’s tip-top.

6 top dressing table ideas

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Image of a blue and gold modern dressing table.

Modern dressing tables

Think sleek and contemporary frames and unconventional colours. Taking a classic piece of furniture and putting a modern spin on it. We think it works a treat!

Image of a white dressing table and stool in a bedroom.

White dressing tables

One thing’s for sure, they go with everything. From glossy to matte, slimline to corner designs, you can’t go wrong with white.

Image of a white corner dressing table with lots of storage.

Dressing tables with storage

From a couple of cubby holes to plenty of drawers, have all your styling tools, lotions and potions neatly tucked away and at arm’s reach.

Image of a black dressing table with a triple dressing table mirror.

Black dressing tables

Bold, but not bright, black is another one that’ll go with anything. Although, we suggest pairing it with lighter walls, so it doesn’t make the space too dark.

Image of a grey, vintage dressing table.

Grey dressing tables

Adding colour, without the fuss, grey gets your attention without shouting ‘look at me!’. It can look classy and vintage or sleek and contemporary.

Image of a wooden dressing table.

Wood dressing tables

Feeling the Scandi style? Wood’s the way to go. Making a beeline for the bohemian vibe? Wood makes it look easy.

4 savvy small dressing room ideas

Whether you’re transforming that tiny back bedroom, reinventing a corner of the room or even making use of a bare wall, these tips will help you make the most of your small space.

Image of a small, white dressing table.

Small dressing tables

You don’t need oodles of space to get styled up, and these dinky dressing tables slot perfectly into petite spaces. Sporting plenty of clever storage too, you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Image of a round, gold shelf.

Wonder walls

Make your wall space work harder by fixing shelves and hooks to give you extra storage to hang accessories, display trinkets and stand your fancy looking bottles.

Image of a rattan room divider and chair in a living room setting.

Split your space

Create a dedicated dressing room section in your bedroom if space is in short supply. You’d be surprised how much a room divider can give that separate room feeling!

Image of a clothes rail in a green room.

Be clever with your clothing storage

A cramped dressing room can be a fashion disaster. Wardrobes with sliding doors remove the need for door-opening space. Or maybe clothes rails - which are naturally smaller - will suit you better?

Mirror, mirror...

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Image of a white dressing table top with a white triple dressing table mirror.

Take a look in the mirror

The perfect pal for your dressing table. Some pivot and others adjustable. And if a single mirror isn’t enough, opt for a duo or trio so you can see more of you!

Image of a black full length mirror in a sand coloured dressing room.


It’s annoying when you can’t see your whole outfit and trying to choose the right shoes stood on a chair isn’t the best idea. Enter the full-length mirror. Now you can admire your look in all its glory.

Image of a pill shaped wall mirror hung on a grey wall above a dressing table.

Ready for your close-up?

Taking up zero floor or surface space, wall mirrors give you the luxury to put them wherever the best light is. They come in different shapes and sizes too, so they’ll look almost as good as you.

Dressing room storage

Image of a grey shoe cabinet.

Shoe storage

Shoes can easily become untidy and before you know it, there’s piles of mismatched shoes dotted about. There’s only one thing for it. Get them a home where they can stay neatly in their pairs.

Image of a blush pink velvet ottoman.


A seat that doubles as storage? Win, win if you ask us. Our ottoman designs are perches of squishy comfort that whisk you back a few decades with their plush velvet and vintage flair.

Image of two black wire baskets in a bedroom.

Baskets, boxes & bags

Laundry baskets don’t have to be boring and accessory storage shouldn’t be an after-thought. From wicker to wire, our baskets, boxes and bags make ordinary storage, stylish.

Image of grey, heart shaped shelves.

Shelving & hooks

Make shelves a style statement and a place to pop all your bits and bobs that didn’t have a proper home before. Hooks are handy to hang things like scarves and bags.

Finishing touches

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Image of white wardrobe set next to a wood four poster bed.

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Image of a window-style mirror in a small room.

Small room ideas

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