If you’re setting yourself up for studio living or the living room needs to become a guest bedroom, you’ll need some clever pieces that adapt to your life.

Grey Sibu sofa bed with colourful cushion, bookcase and dining table
Is it a living room?

Compact living

As a sofa, the Sibu is exactly what you need if you’re short on space. Compact and comfortable with sleigh-style legs and upholstered in neutral grey, it will compliment any interior for some seriously relaxing lounging. The Heath table is a master of disguise transforming into a dining room table to seat 4. The Jessie bookcase is perfect for when space is at a premium. By utilising the wall as an anchor, it rests on 2 legs and has a minimal footprint.

1, 2, 3, Abracadabra!

This is where the magic happens. When is a living room not a living room? When it’s a bedroom. Sibu, please return to the stage! A nifty click-clack mechanism means the back flips down to transform into a double bed in, literally, seconds. With a quick fold, the Heath table becomes a console table or desk and can be pushed to the sidelines to free up space. Accessorize with the Brockley rug and the Ginnie office chair.

Grey sofabed with orange throw and orange cushion. Desk with white office chair and bookcase.
Or is it a bedroom?
Grey Kota sofabed with yellow Bumble side table.
Sofabed Style

Compact Clever Clogs

Kota is another compact clever clog. It’s pillow-like design is supremely comfortable and the dark grey upholstery is resilient and stylish. Compliment it with the Tatsuma desk which can also work as a console table. The Bumble side table is a perfect place to rest your drink. It has an in-built shelf - the ideal location for storing television remote controls. The Loki bookcase slender profile and tiny footprint has loads of storage space along it’s 5 shelves.

Dream a Little Dream...

And now for the big reveal. Kota is another sofabed with that clever click-clack mechanism so you’ll be reclining on double bed proportions within seconds. Packed to bursting with foam and fiber filling, it provides an incredibly supportive night's sleep.Tatsuma becomes an impromptu dressing table and cute little Bumble is poised for the bedside. Soften up the space with a range of textiles including the Brockley Rug. Sweet dreams.

Grey Kota sofa bed alongside dressing table and full length mirror
From Sofa to Bed