Keen to offer your guests a comfortable, cosy and stylish space to sleep? Our range of guest beds allows you to create the perfect guest bedroom that seamlessly combines style and functionality, offering the perfect sleep space.

When guests come to stay, you want to ensure that they are comfortable, and are able to get a good night’s sleep, which is why choosing the right guest beds is so important. Whether you have a designated guest you room you can put one of our beautiful day beds in. If having guests to stay is a regular occurrence, you might want to consider creating a permanent guest bedroom. For the perfect space, check out the rest of our bedroom furniture range to set up the best guest room for your visitors. We have a wide selection of bed frames and mattresses; from double mattresses for more than one person to our comfy kids mattresses, whatever you’re after you’ll be able to find the style that suits your room and compliments your personal tastes.

And if you don’t have a whole room to spare then working with multifunctional furniture is the best way to go. Our stylish sofa beds are the ideal option when it comes to multipurpose furniture. They’re incredibly versatile which is great for those who may be tight on space but still enjoy hosting and having people over. You can use your sofa bed as seating option and transform it into a comfy bed when it’s time to doze off.