Light Bulbs

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Check out our range of light bulbs and brighten up your home with warm, gentle glows.

Need some lighting ideas? We've got you sorted. We know the right type to enhance each room's functionality and aesthetic. Choose from ambient and accent lighting for living rooms, task lighting and island pendants for kitchens and chandeliers for dining rooms.

Transform your space with our pendant lighting. Ideal for creating ambiance in hallways and transitional zones, these lights balance aesthetics and functionality. Our range includes diverse styles, from minimalist to opulent, designed to disperse light evenly. Illuminate your bathroom experience with our variety of bathroom lights. Our range includes LED fittings for improved aesthetics and efficiency, complementing accessories and storage solutions. Choose from a selection of light bulbs to suit various moods and decor styles.

For a statement piece, consider our floor lamps. Ideal for brightening dark corners or creating cosy reading nooks, our collection includes luxurious gold floor lamps, warm wooden ones and colourful options like blue or yellow. Special features like tripod designs and exposed filament light bulbs offer a contemporary look, while large floor lamps bring cinematic flair to your decor.

Don't overlook the importance of wall lights. Essential for hallways, bathrooms and showcasing artwork, our range includes gold accents for corridors and specialised lights for bathrooms. LED options provide energy efficiency and plug-in varieties offer easy installation. Brighten up your little one's world with our range of kids lighting. Themed lampshades and bedside lamps add colour and personality to their bedrooms and playrooms.

Add sparkle to your garden with our festoon lights. From warm solar garden lights to vibrant party lights, our range is ideal for outdoor settings like patios and gardens. Berry solar string lights and shell string lights enhance the ambiance, complementing garden furniture and creating a cosy outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.