Simplehuman Kitchen Bins

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Fancy a bit of a refresh for your kitchen? An overhaul doesn't need to mean an expensive remodel. Little touches here and there can make all the difference.

Start by placing one of our kitchen recycling bins in that unassuming corner, right under your countertop. As you stir up a storm, simply turn round and drop the scraps in a bin that's fits your space. We have various sizes available, including 10L options to more spacious 60L models, each one ready to secure and banish odours. Often overlooked, recycling bins are at the heart of a tidy cooking space.

Let’s not forget the humble kitchen towels. They'll be your trusty sidekick, always there to help clean up a spill or polish up your gleaming surfaces. Plus, the right set can add a pop of colour, tying your space together.

Why not jazz up your cookware? Check out our collection of casserole dishes and grab the ones you love. These versatile pots are excellent for slow-cooking coq au vin, simmering vegetable stews and baking your favourite goodies. And grab some fresh stoneware plates to serve your home-cooked meals. A feast is more than just taste, it’s about eyes feasting first. The sophistication of stoneware will bring a certain elegance to the table.

Take your comfort to a new level with our selection of chair cushions and enjoy those cosy mornings sipping a brew by your kitchen window. They’re not just cushions, but a key part of your décor, adding texture and personality.